2019 RUHS Marching Band Uniform Information

Marching Band uniforms are worth approx. $500 and consist of a jacket, “bibbers” (aka pants), a hip cape, a red tshirt, cuffs (aka gauntlets), gloves, a shako (the “hat”), a plume and marching shoes. Each uniform comes with a garment bag, a shako carry case, and a shoe bag.

Instructions will be given by Uniform Managers on how students are to care for their uniform, how to quickly and effectively get dressed, and how to properly hang their uniform on a hanger inside their assigned garment bag. Students will also receive instructions on how and when to pick up and drop off their uniforms at the Uniform Room in the Band Room for performances.

All components of the Marching Band uniform remain in the Uniform Room when a student is not wearing it unless optional instructions are given for a specific performance.

Only two items are required from home:

  1. Black socks
    1. must be all black, including the heel, without any logos; reinforced stitching on the toes in a different color is allowed
    2. must be at least mid-calf high
  2. Appropriate undergarments (purchase at least two)
    1. Boys
      1. Black compression shorts, fitted boxers, bike shorts (e.g. Under Armour, Champion brand at Target) – no regular boxers, briefs, baggy gym shorts, warm up pants
    2. Girls
      1. Black compression shorts, bike shorts, yoga shorts/capris/ankle length fitted exercise pants (e.g. Under Armour, Champion brand at Target, Danskin brand at Walmart (most economical)) – must wear in addition to underpants
      2. Sports bra – bra straps need to stay in place and not slip off shoulders, adjustments of straps is very difficult when dressed in full uniform


  1. It is a mandatory requirement that all students wear the proper and appropriate undergarments which will enable ease of movement and to prevent panty-lines from showing as uniforms are form fitting.
  2. Students need to wear undergarments that cover themselves sufficiently so that they feel comfortable enough to change into their uniform in the middle of a parking lot, possibly in full view of people that are passing by. This happens when the band is getting ready for field tournaments and parades as students frequently change their clothing outside of their busses.
  3. The red tshirt is provided by the booster organization and serves as an undershirt when the uniform is worn. It is purposely sized one size smaller than usual to prevent it from bunching up when worn under the fitted uniform.
  4. Do not wash any component of the uniform no matter how dirty it is. The Uniform Chair booster volunteer is responsible for any laundering that is needed.
  5. For some performances, students will be allowed to bring home their uniform so that they can get dressed before arriving at the performance location – PLEASE ADHERE TO NOTE #3.
  6. Please tell your student to report any stain or damage to any part of their uniform immediately to the Uniform Chair booster volunteer. This allows time for stain treatment or sewing repairs to be completed in time for the next performance.