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Welcome New and Incoming Band and Guard Members!

New/Incoming Students and Parents

We are so excited and Proud to have one of the largest Band/Guard program RUHS has seen and we couldn’t say that without you!

  • Check out the Slides from the Parent Meeting Presentation  for an overview of the 2016/2017 Band and Guard program

2016/2017 Parent Meeting Presentation

RUHS Band and Dance Guard FAQs

  • Auditions for incoming Adams and Parras Middle schools students were done during May and early June. If you didn’t attend a RBUSD middle school and would like to enroll in RUHS Band & Guard programs, please email Mr. Vizcarra at to set up an audition time.
  • Symphonic Band is a prerequisite for all students before they can move to any other bands. Symphonic Band can be taken concurrently with Marching Band and in some cases if your schedule allows it can be taken concurrently with Jazz Band (auditions are required) or Percussion class.
  • This is usually true for freshmen and sophomore students; by taking Zero period Marching Band and Dance Guard, this allows the student to now have 2 electives since Marching Band and Guard qualify as PE and the class that fulfills that requirement is during Zero period.
  • Students are graded based on attendance, participation, tests, and other subjects as seen in the syllabus online. For music students visit my (Mr. Vizcarra) website on You will find the Concert Band syllabus since Marching Band becomes Concert Band and Guard becomes Winter Guard or Dance Team in the spring semester.
  • Yes, there are many volunteer opportunities at football games, competitions, and the Booster uses Sign-Up Genius (an online free enrollment volunteer sign program). You will be notified acouple of weeks in advance of an event as to what kind of volunteer help will be needed.
  • Being in band and guard requires having a great commitment of your time. The experiences and skills you gain in the program are lifelong and amongst the top skill is time management. Band and Dance Guard students are amongst the most successful students at our school and most schools across the state.
  • Rehearsal schedules: Tuesdays 6-9 pm, Wednesdays 3:30-6:15 pm and Thursdays 3:30 to 5:15 pm. We have 3 additional Rehearse-A-Thons from 9 am to 7 pm with plenty of breaks on Saturdays in the fall to prepare for competition season, with first one on August 22.
  • Students need to rehearse and become more familiar with their marching and dance maneuvers and music on the field; it takes a lot of practice to perform a precision show. On average most programs rehearse up 10 hours per week.
  • Zero period begins at 6:55 am. Don’t be afraid of ZERO, I myself am not a morning person but I have so much fun coming to hear you all play and your future classmates contribution the same way. We all get used to it.
  • In the fall drop off is at the Visitors side (Diamond/Del Amo) of the football stadium NOT the home side.
  • The Marching Band Uniforms are provided by the Booster organization and are fitted and assigned to the students each year. The replacement cost for a uniform is $500. There is a first year shoe contribution and a uniform contribution (included in the fair share contribution) to help cover the cost of alterations, cleaning and uniform upkeep each year. The Uniform Chair is a Booster Parent volunteer who is responsible for the cleaning of the Marching Band Uniforms. Guard members will need to purchase their competition uniforms each year. We try to repurpose existing costumes when possible.
  • 2016 Field Show Competitions (subject to change):

    September 24- West High

    October 15- Capistrano Valley

    October 25- Mayfair School (Bellflower)

    October 29 – Rampage Comp

    November 5- San Clemente

    November 12- Semi-Finals at Capo Valley

    November 19- Championships

    Schedule may be subject to change based on availability Festival activities for other ensembles are during spring season and each ensemble competes in 2-3 festivals.

  • Unlike another activity or sport, marching band and guard depends heavily on their principles of guiding to one another due to the precision of the field production. Our scores decrease when judges see that person is missing; they automatically think it is an error and therefore mark us down many points.
  • You can find information about our program on this website and weekly updates and information about our classes on my teacher webpage on and select teachers and the click on Raymundo Vizcarra.
  • We ask that parents donate and/or fundraise to help cover costs that the school and/or state do not pay for. The money received helps us cover the cost of running a successful music program and it is the lifeline of a successful music program… Suggested fair share contribution for marching program is $465 per student and covers summer band camps, competition fees, uniforms, additional specialized instructors, cost of music and large instruments, transportation for equipment and props. Please note that most programs suggest $1,000 or more. We try to keep it as low as possible and budget for a program suitable for our community. You have the option to pay in $155 increments.
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  • Fair share only covers the basic needs of operating the program on a year to year basis. Fundraising helps us raise funds to repair instruments, purchase instruments, and any other equipment we need for the program. Fundraiser activities also help offset the suggested fair share amount. All contributions made to fair share may be tax deductible.
  • Yes you can definitely donate by using a credit card. We are looking into a secured website to accept payments. In the meantime, please contact the Booster CFO to make arrangements. Contact information may be found at here.
  • No one can be turned away for inability to pay; we offer many opportunities for all to help us raise funds for our program.
  • The transportation contribution must be separate from the Fair share contribution as transportation is done through our school Athletics department. The school orders all of our buses for us and we need to have funds in our account through athletics to be able to order buses to transport us to and from competitions and festivals.
  • Yes, we love when parents go to our competitions. There is always lots of help needed. Parents are allowed to ride on the bus if space is available.
  • We are a bigger Marching Band & Guard Program which means that we participate in the evening awards ceremony. We will most like be arriving back at Redondo Union anywhere from 11 pm to 1 am in depending on location (some locations may be faraway)
  • Freshmen students will continue to be challenged musically along with the other upperclassmen in the spring semester with the rest of the concert band students. Marching Band Zero period becomes Concert Band Zero Period but still remains as Marching Band on your school schedule. Guard Students will continue into spring semester and compete as eitherWinter Guard or Dance Team programs.
  • Freshmen students that already participate in symphonic band do not need to participate in Concert Band during their freshman year unless the need is there for their particular instrument. They need to remain in Zero period for freshmen and sophomore year in order to fulfill their PE – A through G requirement.
  • Boys need black dress pants, black socks, black dress shoes and a plain white t shirt to wear under the tuxedo shirts that are provided by the Boosters on the day of the concert. Girls need a plain, black, school dress code appropriate dress, and black dress shoes.
  • Students prepare for the fitness gram beginning in band camp and throughout the season. The Fitness Gram is a state mandated test that Mr. Viscarra has to administer so that the students can earn PE credit for marching band in lieu of taking an actual PE class.